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Handpan Course by Oleksandr Frolov

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My name is Oleksandr Frolov.


I am a percussionist specialty in handpan, with 10 years teaching experience.

Handpan is a new age instrument that combines rhythm, melody and harmony at the same time. The emotional and soft sound of the instrument fills the space and creates a harmonious atmosphere, which relaxes people. 

Playing it requires a creative mind. In my classes, I emphasis feeling on top of music theory. I adapt rigorous percussion technique for playing the handpan, which will be very useful in setting a base for creating any sound you want on this instrument.


Music is how your feelings sound like!!!! 

Beginners Course (2-4 person)
$1800/8 lessons (@60min)
*Handpan provided
Individual Course
*Handpan provided
Lesson Location

CD $100

available also @spotify & Apple Music

Mei Foo -  Music Bear Arts Centre
Shatin -  Music Section
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